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Micromouse Autonomous Vehicle Kit

The Micromouse Autonomous Vehicle Kit is an all-in-one robotics set designed for the Micromouse competition and as a beginner learning kit.

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Micromouse Autonomous Vehicle Kit

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Bill of Materials included in attachments
MSP-EXP432P401R SimpleLink MSP432 LaunchPad
Texas Instruments MSP-EXP432P401R SimpleLink MSP432 LaunchPad
Used for programming the Micromouse

Software apps and online services

Code Composer Studio
Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Solder Equipment


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Custom parts and enclosures

Final Documentation

User Guide, Original Requirements, Bill of Materials, Design Document, and Testing Results


Hardware Files (including CAD)

Eagle schematic and board files (along with PDFs), Solidworks model of Chassis, Gerber Files for PCB, and Eagle Libraries used in design


Software Files

Maze Traversal, Maze Simulation, Line Following, and Example Library code
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Thanks to Jacob Fuller, Shane Hooley, Amanda Pound, Mark Easley, and Bobby Compton.


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